The WealthRise® Model impacts the community at large by teaching and reinforcing skills and habits that combat generational poverty. Our key stakeholders are students, district leaders, teachers, parents and community advocates. We leverage corporate donors to positively impact the communities who need their services most and engage employees who want to make sustainable societal impact.

Wealth inequality is real, it's crippling, and it's distributed heavily along gender and racial lines. Did you know that African American women in their prime working years collectively have a median net worth of $5? $5 in America today.

BlackFem® works in concert with five key stakeholders to make sure our program runs effectively and efficiently...and that is positioned for growth. These stakeholders are Students, Teachers, School District Administrators, Parents and Policymakers. We insulate our children at every touchpoint to ensure that our curriculum sticks, and to create an enabling evnironemnt for our students to thrive.

Children enrolled in the BlackFem® curriculum receive wealth education FIVE days a week as part of their normal school day. After school is not enough. A one-time financial literacy presentation is not enough. With WealthRise®, wealth literacy isn't just a subject, it becomes the core subject.


When you invest in BlackFem® and the kids we serve, tangible outcomes are realized. Classrooms come alive, kids spark with enthusiasm as they demonstrate their newfound knowledge of assets and liabilities. Teachers finally feel supported with curriculum that allows them to be creative in the class. Administrators remark how the coursework is easily adaptable for kids of all abilities. No one is left out because of learning differences.

Students who participate in our program demonstrate a marked improvement in math and ELA scores. Teachers report that kids are more engaged and confident participating in class discussions, their behavior and test scores also improve. In one assessment, we saw that our students who had the WealthRise® program 5 days a week, test scores improved by nearly a standard deviation. The impact is clear as we are moving the needle on student success both in and outside the classroom. Here’s what one parent shared:

"My daughter recently received money as a birthday gift. Her uncle approached her at the party and jokingly asked to borrow a dollar. My daughter asked him for his credit score. He laughed out loud...we all did. But she was serious. What are you teaching the kids over there? LOL! "

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We help schools integrate curriculum across academic subjects, allowing the value of wealth literacy to shine in the context of math, science, social studies, and beyond. And, we actively involve the student’s entire support system, including teachers and family members, to ensure sustainable, long-term impact


Our program works to achieve real-world skill development, student behavioral change and family financial improvement. We help eliminate the feeling of helplessness many families and students feel about their financial situations entrenched in intergenerational poverty. We equip individuals with financial knowledge needed to unlock the chains of lack and despair for themselves and the next generation.


We positively impact the school and educational system by providing customizable, scalable and compatible core curriculum modules and utilizing performance data to empower schools to own and act on their progress. The flexibility and adaptability of our approach ensures those operating within the system are informed, prepared and meeting district standards.