Meet the Founder

Chloe McKenzie is a financial artist with a mission to close the wealth gap for Black women and women of color. She does this through a number of projects, including BlackFem®, but they all are focused on the goal of ensuring people build a healthier relationship with wealth and money.


Chloe’s Story

Chloe McKenzie doesn’t really do nuance. When she founded a nonprofit to increase financial literacy among girls and women of color, she chose a name that would be transparent about the organization’s mission, culture and power source.

She called it BlackFem®.

"If you don’t know what it’s about when you hear the name, good grief, I don’t know what to tell you," McKenzie said. "I’m a very blunt person."
Here’s a blunt statistic: Nearly half of all single black and Hispanic women in the United States have zero or negative wealth. Yes, you read that right – zero or negative. That was among the many jaw-dropping findings of a 2010 study of women of color and wealth commissioned by the Insight Center for Community Economic Development, using data collected in 2007.

McKenzie, 26, skews the numbers.

She came from an affluent household in Prince George’s County in Maryland, among the richest majority African-American counties in the United States. Hers is a story of expensive schools, skipping grades, caring mentors, athletic prowess, Wall Street opportunities, bonuses and benefits. Hers is also a story of childhood abuse, burnout and illness. She understands the yin-and-yang connection between her disparate experiences – how her personal misfortune exposed her, and how her financial fortune shielded her.

BlackFem® is her epiphany.


Work with Chloe

My vision is a future where median net worth isn’t limited by gender or color of skin.

My mission is to revolutionize the educational and financial systems to more equitably support women and girls of color, thereby allowing the opportunity to maximize their life’s potential.

My promise is to further develop and provide actionable programming for institutions seeking to advance the cause of wealth justice and financial inclusiveness.