The WealthRise® Model

BlackFem®’s WealthRise® Model is not a linear program but rather a whole-community system that intervenes and engages with all the stakeholders and centers where financial trauma can be perpetrated against Black girls.

The journey is outlined below:



  • The BlackFem® team works with school administrators to implement school curricula from PreK-12 so that financial education becomes a core subject taught 5/days per week. The curricula are culturally competent and accommodate a range of student needs including ESL and special education.

  • The teachers are paid to participate in training and workshops to familiarize themselves with the new curriculum and deliver Equiddie™, the LMS platform. 

  • Students attend school as normal, receiving financial education throughout the school day.


  • BlackFem® teaches families financial concepts and how to intervene on their behalf. 

  • Students participate in Kids Credit Bureau®, a mock credit score system associated with homework completion, attendance, etc., and/or housework to reinforce positive behaviors.

  • Bank on Us, an initiative that encourages students savings via  fee-free bank accounts. 


  • BlackFem®’s Equiddie™ platform is available to family members and caregivers to reinforce principles and experience and increase their capacity to build generate wealth together. 

  • Equiddie™ includes daily programming and recommended exercises. 

  • Families can participate in Bank on Us, an initiative that encourages students savings via  fee-free bank accounts. 


  • BlackFem® Impact Coordinators convene community stakeholders such as churches, banks, political institutions, and after school programs, etc., train them in financial trauma, deconstruct their roles in a Black girl’s life, and then create internal infrastructure to build their capacity.

  • BlackFem® hosts regular programming and supports the launch of other programs and initiatives.