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We are NOT a financial literacy organization. We are a wealth justice organization. Together we can break the oppressive inter-generational cycle of poverty at the individual, family and community level


About Us

We are a radically feminist nonprofit organization that focuses on giving girls of color the confidence, skills, and resources to build and sustain wealth. Through collaborative city, state, and school district partnerships, an engaging, integrative educational model, and a focus on intersectional feminism, we empower underserved communities to break the intergenerational cycle of poverty. BlackFem® currently serves nearly 150,000+ families nationwide across 12 states.

The WealthRise® Model

BlackFem®’s WealthRise® Model is not a linear program but rather a whole-community system that intervenes and engages with all the stakeholders and centers where financial trauma can be perpetrated against Black girls.

The journey includes schools, individuals, families, and communities.


Our Impact

BlackFem® has operated in 22 cities as of right now, but the demand has skyrocketed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently we have 14 cities and 2 states on our waiting list.


A total of $47,000 of wealth has been generated in cities where we have launched the Bank on Us initiative. This initiative allows us to fund fee-free bank accounts and brokerage accounts for students, families, teachers, and community members.


Over 150,000+ people have been served which includes students, families, teachers and community members. A total of 72,000+ of the people served have been women and girls of color. 

Our Research

BlackFem® provides research-backed solutions. We are the only nonprofit organization with a holistic, systems-change and research-backed solution to closing the racial and gender wealth gap.


Check out our latest publications:

  1. Publication #1 Fact Sheet: Black Women's Financial Trauma
  2. Publication #2 Fact Sheet: The Embedded Legacies of White Supremacy in Financial Literacy

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We help schools integrate curriculum across academic subjects, allowing the value of wealth literacy to shine in the context of math, science, social studies, and beyond. And, we actively involve the student’s entire support system, including teachers and family members, to ensure sustainable, long-term impact


Our program works to achieve real-world skill development, student behavioral change and family financial improvement. We help eliminate the feeling of helplessness many families and students feel about their financial situations entrenched in intergenerational poverty. We equip individuals with financial knowledge needed to unlock the chains of lack and despair for themselves and the next generation.


We positively impact the school and educational system by providing customizable, scalable and compatible core curriculum modules and utilizing performance data to empower schools to own and act on their progress. The flexibility and adaptability of our approach ensures those operating within the system are informed, prepared and meeting district standards.

Our mailing address is: 559 Maryland Ave Lexington, KY 40508. Please make checks out to BlackFem, Inc.